Monday, 2 July 2012

US ask Rwanda to halt fuelling conflict in the DRC.

By Gael Masengi

In response to the accusations from Congolese diplomats that the United States of America is blocking the United Nation’s so-called Group of Experts on Congo’s overwhelming evidence implicating Rwanda reports, this past week while Congolese people were “celebrating” Independence Day, Washington has released a statement calling its central African ally Rwanda to stop aiding army defectors waging war in the eastern side of the DRC. The statement has come as result of pressure from various Human Rights groups urging Kigali’s two largest donors (the UK and US) to influence their protégée to end with immediate effect the support of armed groups. Here’s what the US said:
 “The United States welcomes the release of the findings of the Group of Experts of the UN Security Council’s Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Sanctions Committee. We are deeply concerned about the report’s findings that Rwanda is implicated in the provision of support to Congolese rebel groups, including mutinous elements now operating as the M23 armed group. Any such support threatens to further undermine security and fuel displacement in the region. We are also concerned about the report’s findings that the mutineers have forcibly recruited child soldiers.

Consistent with the UN Security Council’s arms embargo, we have urged all parties to respond constructively to the Group of Experts’ findings and have asked Rwanda to halt and prevent the provision the provision of such support from its territory. We have also urged the DRC and Rwanda to implement the principles of the joint Congolese-Rwandan communique issued following the June 19 meeting of the two countries’ foreign ministers in Kinshasa. Restraint and dialogue in the context of respect for each other’s sovereignty offer the best opportunity to resume the difficult to work of bringing peace and security to the eastern DRC and the broader region.”  


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