Thursday, 21 June 2012

Kinshasa-Kigali: USA is taking the wrong side!

By Gael Masengi

The Congolese (DR) government has accused the United States of blocking the findings of the United Nation’s Group of Experts in attempt to protect its dear ally, Rwanda.

Yesterday's bros, Kagame and Kabila
The back and forth accusations and denials between DRC and its tiny neighbour Rwanda have reached its climax in recent weeks following allegations from Human Rights Watch of Kigali’s direct involvement in refreshed rebellion in the Kivu regions.  A UN’s group of experts on Congo presented its report to the Security Council’s sanction committee earlier this week, but it is believed that an extension of information implicating Rwanda is being hold back with no intentions of publishing them. The documents is said to contain hard evidence of Rwanda’s army direct involvement to the M23 rebel movement, a group of army defector led by the ICC wanted renegade general Bosco Ntaganda who’s kidnapping and killing civilians in the eastern Congo.

Congolese diplomats have accused their American counterparts of deliberately stalling the report to protect Paul Kagame whom they see as the brain behind Congo’s endless rebel fights. Atoki Ileka, DRC’s ambassador to France, who is currently representing Kinshasa in the U.N.–deplored the US’ act which he qualified as ‘shameful’ and ‘not intelligent’ – was quoted as saying to Reuters news agency that “All these efforts to block the report are first of all shameful, and also in terms of peace for eastern DRC, they don’t help.”  He added “The people of eastern Congo can’t wait until the U.S and Security Council find a ‘convenient’ solution for the sake of Rwanda.” A United State’s U.N. mission spokesperson denied blocking publication of the report to the Security Council and said they were studying new information presented by the group in preparation for further talk.

Phillipe Bolopion, UN director of Human Rights Watch said in a statement: “The US and other Security Council members should be doing everything they can to expose violations of U.N. sanctions and the arms embargo, including by Rwanda and not to attempt to cover them up”
Kagame has denied all criticisms of Rwanda and called on Congo to take responsibility for a flood in rebel fighting rather than play the blame game.

Who can blame the guy when an ill-managed large country like the Democratic Republic of Congo is being ruled by incompetent politicians? People without political maturity and yet with one thought of bulking suitcase with cash, they must have short memory to accuse Rwanda today of invading Congo, forgetting that they are the very same people who literally gave the country away. Today you ask 70% of the Congolese population who their enemies are, they will tell you that the Rwandan people are, it makes political sense but it’s a very bad thing for generations to come.

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