Monday, 2 April 2012

“Vote results Not Credible!” said EU again.

Written by Gael Masengi

This past week, the European Union Electoral Observation Mission published its final reports on the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) November 2011 presidential and legislative elections, which were marred by serious violence and fraud. Based on the mission’s 147 observers dispatched throughout the country, the impartial and independent findings confirmed its claims that the election results were flawed and lacked credibility. 

The report said that the results were not credible in the light of numerous irregularities and massive fraud witnessed during the electoral process. The EU mission called for a reform of the national election commission, to build a transparent, independent and reliable civil society. The mission also said, the broadcasting regulatory agency (CSAC) was not impartial and discriminated against opposition media. Regarding human rights issues, the EU monitoring mission demand the Congolese authorities to punish the identified authors of crimes and for journalists to be protected against intimidation and threat.
The report has come at the crucial time while the UDPS (main Congolese opposition) vigorously continues to claim its apparent stolen victory and yet have hammered the doubts surrounding Joseph Kabila’s recent re-election. 

It also coincides with the publication of the UN report regarding the same elections, which clearly exposes the impunity afforded Kabila’s regime while calling for the same government. It’s clear that the so-called ‘champions of democracy’ are prepared to sacrifice democracy’s reputation for their selfish benefits because no president elected after a controversial election has ever lost an inch of international legitimacy. Incumbents can “miraculously win” the elections, the international community will have to deal with him because he is the man with favorable mining contracts not the opposition or human rights organizations. The noticeable arrogance of Joseph Kabila surely depends on the support he is getting from European imperialists powers for making the DRC’s resource available to them for near zero dollar price tag. Analysts believe neo-colonialists will do anything to protect their interests in Africa, two years ago, despite the call from the vibrant Congolese community in Brussels to the Belgian king not to travel in Congo, for the obvious reason, denouncing crackdown on local human rights activists, the king preferred to make the controversial trip in exchange for some Congo’s blood diamonds.
The main opponent to Joseph Kabila, the ultra populist Etienne Tshisekedi rejected the results, subsequently sworn-in as the elected president, he annulled the legislative, called for Kabila to be arrested and be brought to him alive. Since then, the country is witnessing the worst post-electoral crisis with no definitive government.

Again, Kabila is encouraged to perpetrate such dastardly deeds by the support he receives from imperialist powers and the absence of a revolutionary national movement on the ground in the Congo.
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