Monday, 30 April 2012

Are Belgian immigration laws strict or reckless?

Written by Gael Masengi

Belgian immigration lawmakers are facing a tough decision whether to deport or not an African teenager.

Scott Manyo
Scott Manyo, a Cameroonian national arrived in Belgium at the age of 15 years-old, he then applied for asylum which was later refused however he remained in the country’s Flemish side and has successfully integrated himself into the community. Now 19, the young man has been detained at the notorious refugee detention centre of Merksplas and faces a possible expulsion. A debate regarding Scott’s detention had just started few weeks ago among locals within his Boortmeerbeek community where he has been serving as a chief scout, now it’s growing to a state problem as a Dutch-speaking chamber chief of representatives; Karin Temmerman from sp.a (Socialistische Partij Anders) party weighs in. Ms Temmerman had said that authorities must react rapidly on this kind of problems, she asked secretary of state on immigration, Maggie De Block to analyse Scott’s problem and to come up with an appropriate solution, RTL reported.

Many of Scott’s friend and sympathisers have been posting message of support on his Facebook page, community members have expressed concerned and say it will be inhuman to send someone who fled prosecution back to where he can easily lose his life.

“Most of you will have heard about Scott Manyo by now” wrote a blogger “I sure did, and I am moved by his story in very personal way. I’ll admit I don’t know the guy personally. But everyone who does seems to want to vouch for him unconditionally. I hope there are more like him in that way. Why is this young man locked up in the first place? Is he a danger to society? Will he flee, given the chance? Where to? I don’t think so. Where is humanity when we need it?

According to a report released last year by ‘Unsafe Return’, an advocating NGO for rejected asylum shows that a majority of expelled man and woman from Europe face difficult challenges when they arrive home in Africa. The report stated that refused asylum seekers often face interrogation at airport, arbitrary detention, torture, discrimination, name calling and death at some extent at the hands of government security forces as they are seen as “traitors”. It is also documents the detention and ill treatment of children removed with parents and cases where returnees have successfully left the airport without harm but have been arrested at home or being forced into hiding or exile to another country.
Now the question of his safety is being raised as four years ago another Cameroonian national committed suicide while in detention at the same centre, the 32 years Old’s body was found hanging in the toilet. According his lawyer the man was violently assaulted by the police prior to his death.

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