Sunday, 17 March 2013

Alleged DRC coup plotter to spend another weekend behind bars

Source: South African Broadcasting Corp. (SABC)

Twenty alleged DRC coup plotters will spend another weekend behind bars. The men are accused of conspiracy to topple the current Congolese government and ultimately eliminate Joseph Kabila and senior members of his administration.

counsel for the accused, Johan Kotze adressing the media
The Pretoria Regional Court (Magistrate Court) heard that the men set up a training camp in the northern province of Limpopo. June or July was pencilled for the execution of their plot in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The police allegedly found training material and the coup plan on one of the accused’s computer. Joseph Kabila’s brother, Etienne Kabila is the allegedleader of the coup.

State Advocate (prosecutor)Shaun Abrahams told the court that it will not be against the grain of the constitution or constitutionally offensive to keep the accused in jail until the conclusion of their case. He says the men entered the country illegally and still have the means to leave illegally as they have the support of the Congolese community in South Africa.

Abrahams says the accused have the potential to endanger Joseph Kabila ant to disrupt peace in the DRC. He says they have no regard for South Africa’s interest because had they succeeded in their plan, they would have put this country in a bad light. He says the men acted in common purpose and the state has a strong case against them.

However, counsel for the accused, Johan Kotze, says it far-fetched to think that the 20 men without sophisticated ammunition could enter the DRC and endanger the lives of President Kabila and his cabinet. The case continues on Monday

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