Monday, 26 November 2012

“Neither Kabila nor the M23 rebellion is welcome!”

By Gael Masengi

M23 rebels making way in the town of Goma
History might without doubt repeat itself if the Rwandan-backed rebel fighters of the M23 movement decide to advance into the capital Kinshasa as they have been promising, but unfortunately for them, this time will be way too different compared to more than a decade ago when another group made of dominantly Rwandan military and Congolese (formerly Zairian) dissidents walked into the city and received a stunned heroic welcome.

Resistance will be the word of the day and no Congolese will let again be fooled by some hollow speech of democracy and peace by a bunch of insurgents responsible of countless number of death of their mothers and sisters,what for? To “free” them from whom they helped put in power?! I can tell you that in the DRC nationalism may not be a course taught at any school but it is an ideology which every Congolese carry with him wherever he found himself, today you can surf streets of every province of the Democratic Republic of Congo and ask who’s the brain behind the status quo they will tell you clearly that it always has been Rwanda’s wish to weaken its giant neighbour, if possible create a state within state, therefore using Joseph Kabila as a facilitator to accomplish the fore mentioned, a sentiment the diaspora also echoes.

Many analysts I spoke to recently believe that the current Eastern DRC crisis highlight in bold how determined is Rwanda’s Paul Kagame to expand his tyrannical rule in central Africa in whatever way. From using the pretext of ‘going-after-members-of-former-ruling Hutu-ethnic-responsible-of-genocide-hiding-in-the-DRC’ to arming Rwandans and attack the Congo, as the Telegraph reported of UK last week, clearly the “new boss” of the Great Lake region will never rest until his mission is achieved. Even a two years old toddler will found it pathetic of the rebels to claim that Joseph Kabila has to admit he cheated last year’s presidential election and step down. Is the M23 some kind of electorate observing mission? What I observed is that, the people of Congo have advanced politically to comprehend who’s their enemy and who’s a real pal, Abraham Lincoln once said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time.”Obviously no soul will again afford any more lies from any pretender to come in name of ‘peace and reconciliation.’

Here we are fifty years after independence, the country hasn’t made any important  progress in terms of political stability, infrastructures development, economy growth, health care delivery or quality education yet we are still debating who will rig the next presidential election or what armed group will seize what part of the country, I will somewhat blame ourselves because of the failure to take extreme actions which are indeed necessary in order to establish an equitable state the DRC badly needs thus far never was since its existence. Reliance on so-called International Community (whoever they are) have proven to be a biggest disappointment, proof, since the UN started its mission in the country some thirteen years ago over 5.4 million people had died under their watch and an estimated number of more than 1.5 million people are internally displaced, many of them women and children. How many again do we want dead for us to take action? maybe a sort of civil revolution/war is definitely needed in order to take back what is rightfully for the people and establish a legitimate government as suggested a former Congolese soldierliving on exile in Johannesburg, turned “Combatant” anti Kabila activist He reckoned that power in the Democratic Republic of Congo rest on the hands of Kigali-controlled incompetent Joseph Kabila and must be snatched away from him whatever it takes, however doing so, he said, will require a lot of courage and effort, the audacity former service man stresses Congolese people don’t have…yet.

Certainly the frustration is growing among the Congolese people whether be in the diaspora or at home, it is only a matter of time until the folks, especially those within the DRC borders to realise that a ‘Patria O Muerte’ speech is needed to overcome that evil of fear, adopt the ‘Egyptian-approach’ and go “Tahrir-Square” on both Joseph Kabila and his M23 creation and finally put an end to eleven years reign of impunity, serious human-rights abuse, organised rebellion and dictatorship.

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